Krista Aoki: Bloggers, stop self-sabotaging your story

HypeFactory: What is the biggest mistake bloggers make?

Krista: I constantly see bloggers underpromote themselves. When you’re first starting out, telling strangers you exist might feel uncomfortable… but it’s essential to growth.

Promotion can include:

Posting to Twitter + Instagram using targeted hashtags.
Commenting on other bloggers’ blogs.
Promoting your post in Facebook groups that allow it.
Pinning to Pinterest group boards.

The best part about blogging is how creative you can get with it - including promoting.

HypeFactory: What is your best tip for bloggers who are struggling to find their niche? 

Krista: Start with having a demographic to write for. Maybe you want to write for millennials, or fashionistas, working women or even travelers.

Write content for that demographic. Don’t worry about finding your “niche” right away. Focus on finding your audience.

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HypeFactory:  How do you create standout content?

Krista: Bloggers are storytellers, so the clear-as-day way to stand out with your content is through storytelling.

To you: your story is your daily life. It’s boring.

To others: your story can be fascinating. And what sets you apart from other bloggers.

While traveling, I met the most interesting girl - a Mexican oceanographer with a passion for reducing plastic use to save our oceans. This girl, who’s spent time working or volunteering in the U.S., Nicaragua, India, Australia, and Indonesia… seriously told me that she was worried no one would care if she shared her story on her blog!

So stop self-sabotaging your story from being told. Instead, stand out with your story.

HypeFactory: What is the main step to building a blogger brand?

Krista: The main step? Taking a step back and looking at the main message you want to get across.

Overall, what message or transformation do you want to resonate with your audience?

Make your messaging consistent after that.

HypeFactory: Is it important to plan your blogging work? Why?

Krista: Yes! Just like your messaging should be consistent, so should your blogging. It’s easy to want to do things “on a whim,” but it’s also easy to plan ahead so you can have consistent messaging. And get more done.

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HypeFactory: Why do bloggers need to write copy?

Krista: Humans subconsciously think, “what’s in it for me?” Writing copy answers that subconscious question.

Writing copy:

Attracts your target reader.
Let’s them know what’s in it for them (when they click your post).
Leads strangers to your blog!

Everyone wants their blog to be seen, right?!

HypeFactory: What is the main point of bloggers planning?

Krista:I’m going to sound like a broken record, but having consistent messaging will be important for building your brand recognition.

People will know you as the “go-to blogger” for beauty advice, or budget fashion tips, or all the best secrets during Nordstrom’s annual sale.

Play the long-term game with your readers. Planning helps you know what you want to be known for… and start creating content that makes you the go-to gal in your niche!