Keep Calm and Start Listing

5 topics to inspire your listicles:

  1. Make a list of interesting articles. This could be your previously published material or links to articles and videos from other bloggers. You can create a top 10 articles with book reviews, recipes, travelers' tips or something else. Choose a topic, and gather in the very best materials that you can find.
  2. Make a list of your city's best coffee shops, your favorite movies, scenic jogging routes or time management tips..
  3. Write step-by-step instructions. This can be creating a blog on wordpress, preparing punkcakes or step-by-step instructions for obtaining a Schengen visa.
  4. A list of reasons why subscribers should take action on a cause close to your heart. This content idea focuses more on persuasion and motivation, rather than specific steps.
  5. Tell your subscribers about five bloggers that you like. Write a little about each blogger and why you enjoy their content. These kind of posts won't just keep your audience happy, they'll help you build relationships with popular bloggers.