Brands trying to collaborate: awesome influencer Savina about blogging

Style blogger @savinaofficial tell us the truths about bloggers hate, useful apps and her favorite memory.

Best Blogging App

— That’s a tough question! I’m using so many. The one I’m using the most is probably UNUM — it’s a very handy app for Instagram-post planning and organizing. I love your app too!

Best Blogging Lifehack

— Be honest. Tell people how you really feel. Tell yourself how you really feel. And just don’t be afraid to BE. At the end of the day, you’re not going to influence anyone by trying to be like everyone.

Biggest Blogging Hate

— Brands trying to collaborate for free! Blogging is a job like any other, and just because it doesn’t follow the 9 to 5 stereotype, doesn’t mean it has no value! Brands need to stop undervaluing influencers and respect their time, passion, creativity, and effort that goes into producing content, building up an engaged and loyal following.

Biggest Blogging Memory

— I got to meet the iconic supermodel Claudia Schiffer last November and that was the most incredible experience in my blogging career, so far.

Best Blogging Inspo

— Instagram!

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