6 reasons why brands should start using influencer marketing today

Influencer Marketing is an effective approach that allows brands to exploit the power of word-of-mouth advertising to reach new audiences. So why should your brand start using Influencer Marketing now?

1. Authentic Content

Influencers create authentic content which results in earning the trust of their followers. Brands that collaborate with influencers gain from that relationship because if they trust their influencer, they trust the product or the brand that they are sharing.  Followers are potential customers and actually, we know that 92% of customers trust recommendations from strangers (influencers) than they do the brand directly. Meaning that it is more effective for a brand to drive their product by the use of an influencer within a specific community, for example, food bloggers, lifestyle or fitness.

2. Organic Conversation

Let’s make one thing clear - influencer marketing does not just create organic conversation.  With extensive research into the ideal influencer to collaborate with, you will, as the brand, eventually create organic conversation too with your audience and customers.  This will give you a unique opportunity to reach, engage and inspire consumers like you have never done before.

3. Engagement

We can say that in 2016, influencer marketing was mainly used for brand awareness, however, now, and since the creation of being able to tag in stories on Instagram and shoppable tags, brands are now able to measure their conversion rates and ROI more accurately.  This allows brands to quantify reach, engagement and impact created by the influencer, campaigns and to improve where necessary.

4. Communication

Marketing through the means of social media is only a small part of a brands marketing plan and therefore is often difficult to keep a real track on social media in real time (if they don’t have a specific social media team).  This is where any collaborations with influencers can also be beneficial, they can do the research, posting, tracking and of course the creating and 85% of influencers spend 6 or more hours a week doing precisely that, including engaging and responding to followers and 25% of those have turned their influencing into a full time job! This all allows for brands to have a social presence at all times and by communicating and trusting the influencer, does not require daily communication with consumers.

5. Everyone’s Doing It

Rising influencers that were asked to be part of a survey, 90% said that they had previously worked with brands and 77% of all influencers have ongoing collaborations and evergreen campaigns.   

We are surrounded by influencer campaigns every single day and if you are not already working with influencers for your brand, likelihood is your competitors already are.

Don’t waste any more time and see how influencer marketing can work for you!

6. Collaboration

It’s all about the content!

The key to creating and improving your online presence is collaborating and building links to boost your website SEO.  Influencers are social media gurus and by working with them, they will most definitely be able to give you tips and the secrets that they work to. It is their job to stay on top of trends which can assist you in what’s hot and what’s not and it is important for them to stay on top, because of course, their reputation is on the line.

Of course, with everything, comes the positive and negative aspects of influencer marketing but moving into 2018 it is becoming clear that it has grown in popularity and effect over the past year and moving into the new year, is predicted to grow even more. It is estimated that 85% of influencers expect an increase in the branded campaigns for next year and the competition is already fierce.  

What are you waiting for?